U14 Girls

Our new U14 girls squad for the upcoming 2024/25 season!

Northern Counties Championship
In the North West League, we play Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Lancashire home and away. Top two counties progress to the semi-finals.

Management Team

Tyler Roberts
Geraldine Lynch

NEW U14 Squad Announcement

Our Squad

A. Platt, A. Fallon, C. Williams, E. Bithell, E. Clarke, E. Small, E. Wall, E. Bold, F. Younis, G. Richardson, G. Hole, I. Pugh, I. McKenzie, I. Budd, I. Newton, J, Noden, L. Smith, L. Ashton, L. Owen, L. Brown, L. Lightfoot, N. Harvey, O. Zarac, P. Wall, P. Bailey, R. Durham, S. Malley, S. Diamond, Y.L.M Kwong