Privacy Policy

General Data Protection Regulations

Please read this private notice carefully to see how the Cheshire Schools Football Association will treat the personal information you provide. This information is collected so that we can effectively organise our activities for our members and so it is sought under the 'legitimate interests' basis outlined in the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) legislation.

Your data: why we need it, what we use it for and when we no longer need it


In order to ensure that the association’s football calendar of activity is delivered, your contact details (including name, telephone number and email address) are held in the association’s digital records and shared only with those with a legitimate interest in the activities below. Your information will be used solely for the purpose of planning, organising, administrating, celebrating and governing schools’ football and will be made available only to those who need it for this purpose. The Parental Consent Form asks whether you are happy for the data provided to be used for this purpose: if you don’t think that you have been given your consent , or if you are unsure about any of this, then please contact the Secretary, John Clark:

You can withdraw your consent for all or any of these data uses at any time after you have given consent by outlining your preferences in writing to the Secretary. We will retain your information until your son/ daughter ceases playing with the association. After that, your contact details will be deleted unless you expressly ask us to keep in touch.

Your Child

Information about your son/ daughter will be collected so that:
(i) Our records hold their names, contact details and next of kin/ emergency contact details
(ii) We can report on and celebrate individual participation and team achievements
(iii) We can provide appropriate medical and/or welfare precautions for players
(iv) We can use imagery in publicity, subject to appropriate consents and safeguards
(v) An archive of players can be retained in the interests of the association’s history
(vi) We can keep in touch with players after their time with the association if you permit us to do so

When your son/ daughter ceases playing the association, we will:
(i) Retain their participation record for the archive (this will include names in programmes, award ceremonies and other rolls of honour)
(ii) Retain their contact details, so that we can keep you updated with any of the association’s activities which may continue to be of interest to you after you have left us, if you expressly ask us to
(iii) Confidentially destroy the remaining information about your son/ daughter, giving particular regard to the security of health and welfare records Your and/ or your child’s personal information will not be shared with others beyond that described here, unless the association is legally obliged to do so under English law for statutory, legislative or regulatory purposes.

Updating your records

Should any of your details change at any point, or should you wish for your details to be removed during the season, please contact the Secretary and the records will be amended accordingly without delay

Accessing your information

If you wish to access the information we hold about your child, you can do so by submitting a 'subject access request' to the association by contacting the Secretary. Please mark your correspondence 'Subject Access Request' and we will respond within 40 days.
Any other queries relating to your information and how we use it should be directed to the Secretary.


Our Competitions

Every year, we run ten competitions for our secondary schools:

  • U13 Individual Schools Cup
  • U13 Cheshire Girls Cup
  • U14 Hefin Roberts Cup
  • U14 Cheshire Girls Cup
  • U15 Emberton Cup
  • U16 Flood Cup
  • U16 Cheshire Girls Cup
  • U18 Don Ormes Cup
  • U18 Plate
  • U18 John Sleigh Cup for Colleges

Competition Draws